Juan Carlos I He is located in Sanxenxo, where he enjoys some great passions, regattas. This Thursday, September 28, she walked through the Pontevedra estuary with her sister Margarita and his niece Maria Zurita. Later, to the surprise of everyone and everyone, Felipe VI’s father invited the Telecinco reporter to a room at the Sanxenxo yacht club. José Antonio Avilésdisplaced with This is life to Galician lands.

After the meeting, the talkative journalist said: “They put me in the yacht club. They asked me to leave my belongings, my cell phone… They accompanied me to the third floor. Imagine my face. I was very nervous. They told me stuck in a room where there was a round table with many people. Margarita, María Zurita…”. Previously, the reporter sent Doña Sofía’s husband a letter.

After seeing King Juan Carlos, his mouth was open: “I didn’t even know how to greet him and Don Juan Carlos tells me that he wants to talk to me.” However, Avilés has not revealed the details of the talk: “I prefer that conversation to remain private. The conversation lasted between 15 and 20 minutes.”

Despite keeping some secrets to himself, he told his colleagues that the talk lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. “Today I declare myself much more of a Juan Carlist because I love this man,” concluded Avilés, who had been waiting for days and months to have a closer meeting with the king after covering his return to Spain. “He seemed immensely happy to be with his sister and part of his family,” said the collaborator.