Gabriela Guillén has not withdrawn Bertín Osborne’s paternity suit

It will be in the middle of June when Gabriela Guillén Go with your baby to take the DNA test requested by the court for the paternity lawsuit filed against Bertín Osborne. The mother and child have been summoned to go to a center in Madrid where they will extract samples in order to later compare them with those of the singer and demonstrate whether or not he is the father of the child as requested by Gabriela. This judicial process, which began several months ago shortly after the baby was born, continues its course in time and at no time has it left the court to do this test by mutual agreement and outside of the courts as has been said these days.

That was precisely what, since Guillén learned of her pregnancy, she wanted to do with Bertín who did not doubt his paternity when the news was heard, but who after a few months completely changed his mind and questioned whether that child was his or not. Given those comments and doubts that his entourage was responsible for propagating and given the lack of communication between the former couple, Guillén chose to put his case in the hands of Justice and defend what he considers to be the rights of his son. “I still have no contact or communication with Bertín“says the Paraguayan, who has already returned to work after a few months of sick leave, which she took advantage of to visit her family in her country of origin.

Yes, there has been some change, at least in common friends of the former couple who have conveyed to Gabriela the desire to reach a good end to this matter. In the procedure of this paternity lawsuit, before reaching this situation, there was an attempt to carry out the tests by mutual agreement and hence a burofax was sent at the time to the singer’s destination in Seville, which did not receive a legal response.

Now it is a matter of days before these analyzes are carried out and an end to a story that began in a very different way from the current one. Gabriela does not want to talk, since she prefers to wait to have the final result and be able to explain in detail what she has experienced during all these months.

For his part, Bertín assured days ago that he will assume what he has to assume if the child is his and that he will also say so, but the legal steps follow their times and it would not be impossible for the outcome to occur this summer and end with a battle. legal that surely could have been avoided. Even the businessman was in that desire José Luis López ‘‘El turronero’, who from the beginning has tried to mediate between the two parties, but has not been able to prevent the case from reaching the courts.

Friend of both, although it is with the singer with whom he has a closer relationship, today he is the only link they can have since he has not broken his friendship with Guillén and hence once justice says its last word surely He will be one of the people who will be able to bring some order. Until then, we will have to wait for Justice to continue marking the times.