All the details of the tribute to Rocío Jurado: many absences and the reason why Amador Mohedano has been away

The Mohedano family met this Saturday in Chipiona (Cádiz) to pay tribute to Rocío Juradowho died on this day 18 years ago. Gloria Mohedano, José Ortega Cano, Amador Mohedano or the young David Flores They are the media relatives of the artist who have traveled to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Regla to pay the well-deserved tribute to ‘the greatest’. However, this special day for the Mohedano clan has been marked by several absences.

One of the most striking has been that of Gloria Camila, since the young woman usually attends these types of events. To avoid generating misunderstandings, her father José Ortega Cano has explained to the media that Gloria has not been able to attend because she is taking exams. “He just called me a moment ago. It seems that the exam went well“, the right-hander revealed. It must be remembered that Kike Jiménez’s ex enrolled in Law after finishing her studies in Fashion and Digital Marketing.

To make up for her absence, Rocío Carrasco’s sister has shared a compilation of images with her mother through her Instagram profile. “What I wouldn’t give. We were and we will be. They are photos that had never come to light and today I decided together with my brother José that we wanted to share them.r”, said the young woman.

Those who have also used the networks to pay tribute to the artist have been Rocío Flores and Rosa Benito. The daughter of Antonio David and Rocío Carrasco, who has not been able to attend the tribute because she is traveling in Bali, has stated through her Instagram profile: “This year from a distance, but always in me“. For her part, Rosa Benito has stated: “Today my day is for you Rocío, 18 years old and it seems that time does not pass. And do you know why? You left a lot of love and an immense legacy because of who you were. I love you ‘Jurado’ and you know it“.

Amador Mohedano has entered through the back door

Amador Mohedano was present at the tribute to Rocío Jurado. However, Rosa Benito’s ex has entered through the secondary door and has not sat in the front row, along with the rest of the family. A couple of hours after the tribute, Amador clarified that he has not been with the rest of his family because he was dealing with technical issues. “I controlled the sound of the mass and the sound is right under the altar“, he clarified this Saturday to Fiesta through a voice note. Likewise, Rocío Jurado’s brother has been in the news in recent days for the auction of his property.