Terelu, the perfect decoration to enhance the exclusive of the new wedding of Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac

Marrying the same person twice is fashionable. And we don’t say it for Richard Burton y Liz Taylornor for Mayte Zaldivar y Julian Muñoz. The news comes in the wake of the new wedding of Rocío Carrasco and Fidel Albiac. The daughter of the great Rocío Jurado already married this former police opponent, now a law graduate, on September 7, 2016 with a wedding tailored to her!Hola!, a publication that paid a fortune for the exclusive, the preview and other inventions. On that occasion, the weekly paganini adorned the report with guest props and details, fun, anecdotes and surprises to create pages of supposedly unforgettable moments. At the artificial and high-profile wedding, the second for Rocío after her first wedding with Antonio David Florez, not many family members attended, given the complicated relationships of Pedro Carrasco’s daughter with them.

Yes, María Teresa Campos was there, who will be the great absentee at this ecclesiastical wedding sponsored by Readingswho will pay for selling magazines thanks to the religious fervor that has led Rocío Carrasco and her husband to sanctify their union before God, a precious and also very profitable gesture.

Thus, despite the fact that this June 1 marks 18 years since the death of Rocío Jurado, her first-born daughter has reappeared this Saturday through a telephone connection in D Corazón. After ensuring that she is in a very sweet moment in her life, Antonio David Flores’ ex has revealed the great news: “Fidel has written to Terelu. She wants her to be the godmother of the wedding representing María Teresa Campos“, Has revealed.

Terelu, who is already back on the small screen after recovering from her latest health setback, has responded with a “yes, I want” to the couple’s great proposal. “Until now I hadn’t found out. Yes I want“Likewise, Alejandra Rubio’s mother recalled the great bond that María Teresa and Fidel had.”I didn’t know. It just happened to me… For me it is something super special. I know what Fidel has meant in my mother’s life. How he made him laugh, how he made him angry, how he poked him. Marvelous“, has manifested.

Beyond revealing who will be Fidel’s godmother, Rocío Carrasco has left the rest of the details of her wedding up in the air. “I have a boyfriend and the year is 2024. I have a godmother, I have a godfather, I have an orchestra director (Luis Pliego) and I have a lot of people who love me and who are going to spend it with us“said Rocío Jurado’s daughter.