Carlo Costanzia reveals lurid details of his marriage to Mar Flores and Lequio: “Mafioso?”

Carlo Costanzia He was married to Mar Flores between 1992 and 1996. As a result of that marriage, Carlo was born, the boyfriend of Alejandra Rubio, the daughter of Terelu Campos. Through the life of the Usera model, splendid ten days after turning 55, other men have passed, almost all of them quite high in the media, such as Javier Merino, with whom she was also married (2001-2016) and had the rest of her children. He is also known to have relationships with Bertín Osborne (1990), the businessman Fernando Fernández Tapias (1996-1997), Ana Obregón’s ex Alessandro Lequio (1997) or the son of the Duchess of Alba, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo (1998-1999). ), and lately we have seen her intermittently with the Mexican tycoon Elías Sacal.

But this Friday the one who was in the news was her first husband, who put the saucepan to charge for destroying little things that would keep people in front of Telecinco without changing the channel. After twenty years without granting interviews, Carlo Costanzia He took a step forward at a very delicate moment for his family and sat down on ‘De Viernes!’ to talk about his children and clarify some issues that have been talked about so much in recent months. He maintains that he has been the “media crush” that his children have suffered after being accused of attempted murder. Carlo argued that, if neither Pietro nor Rocco had previously appeared in the press, they should not have been placed in the eye of the media storm.

Responding to questions from the program’s lancers about whether he was satisfied with the education he had given his children, he responded like this: “With the same partner, three children, same education, same principle and everything, and you end up with three completely different people.” . And this is a fact, so it is easy to say the sheep, no, it’s just that one comes out as one comes out.” He recognized that the worst thing about this whole situation was the ending that this story could have had: “This is a tragedy and if there is something that really keeps me up at night it is this, because if I think that it could have happened to one of my two children, I don’t even want to know.

He also wanted to talk about the interview that his son Carlo gave just a few months ago in which he confessed his problems with drugs and having suffered bullying. Looking back, he remembers that “when Carlo suffers bullying, first, when I separate, I am not the person who is with Carlo every day. Because I am the separated father who has the right every 15 days to be with his son, okay? Because at that time, being a separated father, it still is today, but it was very complicated. What hurt him most about this time was not having been able to spare his son suffering: “Mistakes are always made. The only thing I regret is that my son suffered. If I am the responsible party, of course I regret it.” She commented how he himself had participated in therapies that were “very hard, very strong, but I recognize the courage of having realized it, of having recognized it and of having left.”

“Hurt after reading Mar Flores’ interview”

Regarding his relationship with Mar Flores, he hinted that he was hurt after reading her interview in which “he once again unearths everything that has happened and not only makes me give birth, but also my parents.” He recognized that currently his relationship is null for years and he stressed that he has never given an opinion in these years about “whether she had a boyfriend or a husband. I don’t care, it’s her life, she’s happy, she does what she wants. For me it was a closed topic ( …). I am no one else to give my opinion on what Mrs. Mar Flores does with her life.” Despite everything, she assured that he hopes that the relationship between his ex-wife and his son Carlo is “the best for him.”

Another key point of his interview was a name well known to Carlo: Alessandro Lequio: “I don’t call him count, forgive me. I can’t call him count because he is not count.” She took out some pages to read the description and words that others have used to talk about him and remembered how she had talked about his son: “He has treated my son Carlo like a gangster, because he has compared him to the character of Fredo from the movie The Godfather, Furthermore, the character of Fredo, the poor man, is killed at the end of the film, and I hope that nothing ever happens to my son.” He then went on to criticize the person who had a relationship with Ana Obregon, making his animosity towards him clear: “Who is this man who allows himself the luxury of a professorship? A university professor, let’s say, of life, to insult and give life lessons.”

Finally, Carlo Costanzia spoke about his son’s new dream. He acknowledged that “I have not yet had the pleasure” of meeting Alejandra Rubio in person, although she did not rule out being able to organize a meeting in the coming days with her and her son. With a smile on her face, she assured that her son does nothing but speak wonderful things about her: “He told me that he is delighted, he is happy, I see him very… focused, calm, from what I see she seems like a young girl.” but he knows what he wants and if he has to say things he says them.” He thanked María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter for having been by Carlo’s side in these difficult times for the family: “And above all, I agree with Carlos that you have to have the courage to also be by his side with all the media problems.” .