With the appearance at the end of the season of the president of UD Las Palmas, the season opens for proper names that will dominate the sports agenda in the months of the summer market. Both for the highs and for the lows. Araujo and Vitolo, Vitolo and Araujotwo of the footballers who have grabbed headlines in these previous days.

Players who have a valid contract with their respective clubs, AEK Athens and Atletico Madrid, but they have another thing in common: their desire to return to UD Las Palmas. About ‘El Chino’ he only had good words: “We didn’t want to get rid of him last year. It was an economic fairplay solution. If there was any chance, obviously from this minute there won’t be because in Greece they also listen to us. They will want that they pay the price they want to ask. The doors are open, but it is impossible for a player to come who was paid for and they give it to you for free. It’s impossible.” Although Miguel Angel Ramirez He ended his appearance, with a descriptive smile, leaving an enigmatic message: “As the director of a radio program says, let’s speak in ‘Chinese’. I think I have already named a player who will be in Las Palmas next year “.

For the yellow youth squad and former Getafe CF player last season, he was more restrained and left the decision in his hands: “He has a contract with his team and the player will have to decide where to go on loan. He has enough cache to play in First. We could only be grateful that a player of his level chose Las Palmas”, he stated about Victor Machin ‘Vitolo’.

Jesé, more outside than inside

Although he, at the end of the tie against CD Tenerife, mentioned about his future that “he would have to think about it”, Ramírez gave his stripes to Luis Helguerasports director, yes Garcia Pepper to decide what will happen to ‘El Bichito’. In addition, he revealed how they settled those statements once Las Palmas was eliminated from the playoff for promotion to First: “It has made it very difficult for me. I appreciate it and value it very much because it has given us a lot, but it has not been lucky after the last game that was held. It was not the right forum. He fell very badly in the locker room and it will be the sporting director and the coach who will make the final decision”.