Much controversy at Porto-Atlético de Madrid, which heated up in the second half, especially after Griezmann’s 0-1. In just three minutes, each team was sent off. In the 67th minute, Carrasco saw a direct red for a blow to a member of the local bench. “The red is very excessive. At this level that cannot be red. With yellow it is valid,” explained Iturralde, referee for AS and SER, in Carrusel.

“There is nothing and it is not like that of Inter, who throws his fist“added Dani Garrido, director of the program. At first it seemed like a harder blow, but it was more of a grab around the neck. “That is not aggression, with yellow okay”Relaño agreed.

But three minutes later the complaints changed sides. In a rojiblanco attack, Cunha fell close to the bench and Wendell hit him on the neck as he struggled to serve out. “Nothing, it is not a red play either,” Iturralde explained. And Talavera censured the attitude of the local team: “Those from Porto are badass “.

Iturralde González, however, had warned that Clement Turpin was not up to a match of this requirement. “This referee is disastrous and if I know it, whoever puts it must know.”

In added time, Turpin whistled a penalty from Hermoso and, according to iturralde, the referee made a mistake again.