Porto coach Sérgio Conceiçao lamented the “childish behavior” and the expulsion of Wendell, who “lost his head” in an action with Cunha in the defeat against Atlético in the Champions League (1-3), wasting the opportunity to try to come back after the rojiblanco box had been left with one less for the red to Carrasco.

“We missed goals in important moments and, from set pieces, Atlético’s goal arrived. We kept trying to tie and then win the game, but the Atlético player was sent off and our player had childish behavior, it must be said. It’s not normal. , with the rival with one less player, do that, “he declared at a press conference. “Except for the moment when Wendell lost his mind, it was all determination,” he added.

After the player was expelled from the Portuguese team, everything was “more heart than strategy.” “It is a painful defeat in a match in which we had everything to win,” he said. “It should be noted that we were fighting for the eighth in a group with teams with ‘Champions’ titles and candidates to win it. What we produced until the expulsion of our player was enough to be able to win, and, once again, we were not effective “, he claimed.

“Football is a constant beginning. The weight of Porto in Europe does not play. We have a team with little experience, with little skill in the competition and that was noticeable,” Conceiçao continued, thanking the support of the goalkeeper fans at the end of the game. shock. “It is synonymous with recognition of what we did and the ambition in the game, having tried everything to the maximum to reach the round of 16, which unfortunately we could not achieve,” he concluded.