Isabel Pantoja, heading to Monaco in a private plane for her Ball of the Rose: that’s how nice to smile

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Isabel Pantoja wear a smile from ear to ear as big as this Friday. The tonadillera, along with her inseparable brother Augustine Pantoja, has already headed to Monaco to attend the Rose Ball, which is held this Saturday, March 25. The folkloric, as she herself announced on Wednesday in the greeting magazine, has been invited by a common acquaintance with the Grimaldi.

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the interpreter of light sailor has been photographed in Seville before taking the plane that takes her to her destination. She is happy. On the one hand, because she is going to meet Caroline of Monaco. In his exclusive in Hola She assured that she has always felt identified with her due to the tragic loss of their respective husbands. paquirri died in 1984 from being caught by Avispado in Pozoblanco and Stefano Casiraghi in 1990 due to a tragic accident aboard his boat.

“We have had very parallel lives. What happens is that she had three children and I had one. But we are the same age, the same thing happened overnight and without knowing each other, we still don’t know each other, I felt so close to her at that time,” said the mother of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja.

And he added: “My God, he told me, who could hug this woman, hug us both and feel that pain that we have at this moment? Because I know how it is right now, I know it because I have already lived it. And very little happened some time later. That’s why I say what life is, after so many years, almost 39 years ago, I received an invitation to go to the Ball of the Rose”.

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On the other hand, this Dance of the Rose has come in handy. As they have commented on the Mediaset sets, to the exclusive last Wednesday, in which he did not talk about his children and grandchildren, another report will be added in the same magazine with photographs of his time in the Principality. Next Wednesday will be when she returns to star in the cover. After all, these goings-on are good for raising his spirits, diminished by the controversy with his son Kiko, but also to give his pocket a break. It must be remembered that he maintains a debt with the Treasury of 500,000 euros and also two lawsuits against Loli la Quiosquera and a Sevillian businessman. Pantoja, after returning from his small tour of the United States, also has another tour ahead of his fifty years in music, which will start in 2023.