Morata: “Being captain of the national team is an incredible pride”

“I see people very excited. The coach is a very close person, who likes to give his players affection”


The player of the Spanish team, Álvaro Morata, acknowledged this Friday that it is an “incredible pride” to be the new captain of the Spanish team, at the same time that he highlighted the “illusion” that has been generated by the arrival of Luis de la Fuente and the desire of the rest of the players to make a good classification and seal the pass for the next Eurocup as soon as possible.

“Being captain of the national team is an incredible source of pride. And a joy too, but in the end I’m hoping that things go well, that we play well, that we win and in the end that’s what’s important. I’ve said it several times these days, that I’m here to help the younger people, the new people and that’s all,” said the footballer during the press conference.

In this sense, the striker acknowledged that he wants to follow the example of some of the captains with whom he has shared a dressing room throughout his career. “I could tell you good things about everyone. I’ve been very lucky in the national team with everyone I’ve had, from the example that I have every day at Atleti too, from Koke, Ramos, Casillas, Iniesta, David Silva, Chiellini, Bonucci It’s that I can tell you anything positive about everyone and it would be short for sure,” he said.

“There are many players who could be captains. I just have more games than the others and nothing more. I’m proud, I’m happy as I said, but it doesn’t mean much more either. It’s true that there are people who have been here longer and we have to convey to people that they are younger. I played my first World Cup at the age of 30 and I don’t know if it was the first or the last. It’s a moment that you have to appreciate, being here and you never know when it’s the last time you can be,” he added.

The Atlético de Madrid footballer also spoke about the new coach and the “illusion” he has generated in a group that wants to secure a ticket to the Euro Cup as soon as possible. “I see people very excited. In the end, the coach is a person who is very close, who likes to give love to his players, who likes to work very much. Everyone really wants to play, to compete, I think everyone knows that in the end a ticket for a Euro or World Cup is not easy at all. I think we all have in mind that Spain always has to be in the Euro and World Cups”, he pointed out.

Besides, the attacker spoke of the list of summoned and of the presence of players like Iago Aspas that did not count for Luis Enrique. “I think he has experience in the world of football and that he has the ability to talk about it. It’s his opinion. I think we have to be grateful to the previous stage. I personally am grateful to Luis Enrique. We no longer have to talk about the past because we are in a new stage with a coach who has a lot of desire, a lot of enthusiasm and I think it is the same as ours, so you can only expect positive things”, he highlighted.

In this sense, the player from Madrid assured that he was “happy” with the competition up front, also acknowledging that “anyone can play”. “We have many solutions and anyone can play. I have a relationship with everyone there is. Iago (Aspas) can also play wherever he wants because technically he is privileged. So anything for the good of the Spanish team is welcome. Hopefully the coach could put 8 forwards in each call, but it can’t. We are the ones who are and we are all very happy, “he said.

“With this coach who has brought more forwards of my profile, in the end it is what I like the most. I wish there could be 50 players in the team because the level would obviously rise and there would be more opportunities to come. I am personally happy for Joselu, for Borja For Iago, I like that they are here because I know that it also means a lot to them,” he said.

Thus, Morata highlighted the commitment of all his teammates and the importance of this Saturday’s match against Norway. “There are teams that have not been in the last big tournaments and the case that comes closest to me is that of Italy, European champions and they are left without a World Cup. That is why we have to think about tomorrow’s game as if it were the last, “We have to win it because otherwise we’re going to go home. That’s why tomorrow’s game and all the games we have in this qualifying phase are very important,” he asserted.

Finally, the man from Madrid recalled the ‘failure’ of the past World Cup and claimed to have “turned the page” on what happened. “It’s football. If Pablo Sarabia’s ball came in, then everything would have gone differently. These are things that cannot be controlled, I think we did not play our best game against Morocco. No Spaniard expected that we were going to come out in that phase of the World Cup, but hey, in the end football gives you many more opportunities and we have already turned the page”, he highlighted.

“Soon we have the option of playing a title that perhaps now is not given the importance that it will be given in the summer. In the end, if you look at it from another point of view, from TV, I would like to see Spain win a Nations League or a Euro Cup. And well, I think that’s all we have to think about. Think about it starting tomorrow since the road to the Euro Cup will not be easy. And that in a relatively short time there is also the option of winning another title “, he concluded.