Isabel Pantoja at the Baile de la Rosa: a cappella with Shirley Bassey and a race to catch Carolina de Monaco

Isabel Pantoja He had a great time at the Monaco Rose Ball, where he fulfilled one of his aspirations, to meet and sing a duet with Shirley Basseybut perhaps not with his dream of personally meeting Caroline of Monacowhom he followed after dinner to the exit when the princess was leaving the Sporting Monte-Carlo grounds.

As revealed by the program socialitewhich had someone infiltrated at the most emblematic party in the principality, our popular folkloric starred in a very special moment when she fulfilled one of her dreams: singing with Shirley Bassey.

The two artists improvised a cappella the famous theme of Luis Miguel Kiss Me a lot. A historic event where two music greats came together and starred in one of the most talked about moments of the night.

Sitting at the same table as the British interpreter, Isabel Pantoja was happy and smiling with everyone who came up to her. “She was struck by the fact that she wanted to give two kisses on the face, and everyone avoided him and blew kisses with their hands. They explained to her that there is a flu epidemic in Monaco and for trying to avoid contagion,” they commented. in the Mediaset program.

The other great moment of Pantoja was the courage with which he did not cease in his efforts to meet Princess Carolina of Monaco, since he felt very identified with her for having suffered the “same” tragedies in his life. Although the singer and the princess shared dinner a few meters away, Isabel tried to run and by all means to meet the eldest daughter of Grace Kellyalthough, for the moment, it is not known if he succeeded.

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The tonadillera, while having a good time next to her brother, Augustine Pantoja“who has been super nice. The two danced, they enjoyed themselves,” according to the leaks, he did not stop being aware of Princess Caraolina, whom he did not take his eyes off.

“On a certain night, Isabel looks and realizes that Carolina is getting up to leave. Then, she runs, takes advantage of the opportunity. Accompanied by her translator, she goes behind her,” said those who were observing the events of Party.

Apparently, Pantoja was at the dance until after two in the morning, and left the place like a Cinderella to go to her hotel very smiling and satisfied, after having lived a dreamy night that until very recently, after suffering a imprisonment, near ruin and dozens of problems and personal disagreements with his relatives, he would never have imagined.

The artist wore a dress by the designer Isabel Sanchís, from the Spring-Summer 2023 collection in which the fuchsia color predominated with a floral print with an exaggerated styling with two large flowers, one on the left shoulder and the other on the right sleeve. The dimensions of the flowers did not prevent him from enjoying the dance and flying towards the exit to find the princess he dreamed of meeting. It will soon be known if, finally, she achieved her goal.