After the controversy generated this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies by the words of the Vox deputy Carla Toscano a Irene Montero, Pablo Iglesias He came out in defense of the Minister of Equality on his social networks.

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“Finally today the entire left closes ranks with Irene Montero in the face of the media and political violence she receives. But it should not only be a matter of decency and camaraderie, but the political conviction that facing the fascists is being with Irene and with feminism”, wrote the former second vice president of the Government.

In another tweet, the former leader of Podemos, who has already achieved his desired position as associate professor at the Complutense, added: “This is how you speak to fascists. Brava.” In addition, he flooded the wall with retweet comments in support of his partner, such as the message that Ione Herb dedicated to him or the words of the actor and director Juan Diego Botto.

Recently, Iglesias also defended Montero on his social networks. On this occasion, in front of Yolanda Diaz by the controversial ‘law of only yes is yes’, which has created deep cracks in the already delicate internal structure of the Government. “Putting yourself in profile when a colleague is being beaten is not only miserable and cowardly, but politically stupid.”

The controversy of the Congress

Carla Toscano, a 45-year-old deputy from the ultra-conservative formation, blurted out: “Her only merit is having studied Iglesias in depth.” These words were unanimously condemned by part of the left wing. Montero replied: “We feminists are going to stop this band of fascists.”