“His only merit is having studied Iglesias in depth”, were the words that Carla Toscanorepresentative of the ultra-conservative party, dedicated to Irene Montero. Some words that were unanimously condemned by part of the left bank and even by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezon his Twitter account.

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“We are together against sexist violence. Denying it is a way of exercising it. Raising it on the rostrum of Congress is crossing an intolerable line. We will continue forward with conviction and determination. All my support, Irene Montero,” wrote the socialist leader.

The former second vice-president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, also came out in defense of his wife: “Finally today the entire left closes ranks with Irene Montero in the face of the media and political violence she receives. But it should not only be a matter of decency and camaraderie, but rather the political conviction that facing fascists is to be with Irene and with feminism”. In another tweet, he added: “That’s how you talk to fascists. Brava.”

The deputies of the different left-wing parties rose from their seats and applauded the Minister of Equality, questioned in recent weeks by the controversial ‘law of only yes is yes’. In her intervention against the words of Carla Toscano, Montero was moved and defended herself with: “We feminists are going to stop this band of fascists.”

This is Carla Toscano

Carla Toscano, graduate in Law and commentator on intereconomy, is a Vox deputy in the Congress of Deputies. She is a spokesperson for the Commission on Gender Violence and writes such statements on her social networks: “For feminism, criticizing a woman is macho (less if it is from Vox, of course). So, if a woman does something wrong or not, we He likes something about her, you can’t say. But if he’s a man, yes. Is this equality?”

She ended this publication with a regrettable statement for many: #FeminismoEsCáncer. It must be remembered that feminism is the movement that pursues equality between men and women.

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Toscano, 45, mother of two children and a young photographer (as published by The world), has barely 25,000 followers on Instagram. On his social networks he says that from the ultra-conservative party he works “for Truth, Good and Beauty”. In Vox she is defined as a “humanitarian aid specialist”.