The Swedish Football Federation confirmed that their coach Janne Andersson met Zlatan Ibrahimovic (39) in Milan to discuss his possible return to the national team.

Despite the fact that the forward had clarified that it is not in his plans to wear the Swedish shirt again, the Federation confirmed the meeting for Ibra to reinforce the Nordic team in the next European Championship, which takes place between June 11 and 11 July 2021.

Weeks ago, Ibrahimovic posted on Twitter an image of him wearing the Sweden jersey with the message “Long time no see.” Most interpreted it as a ‘wink’ to a selection from which they had announced their retirement some time ago (2016) but to which they have once shown their intention to return.

The player himself, after Milan's draw against Hellas Verona, revealed the meaning of the enigmatic message: “It was only to irritate Sweden, only for pleasure, not because he wants to return to the national team,” he said smiling to Sky Sports.

The Swedish striker on Wednesday was willing to return to the national team, from which he retired four years ago, although he pointed out that the first step has to be taken by the coach, Janne Andersson.

“If he called me, I would answer him: give me time, I must think about it. But it must come out of it. Because if you think I'm too big, I'm not interested. If you think I can contribute something, I would think about it ”, he assured in an interview with the newspaper“ Aftonbladet ”.


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