The Union Deportiva Logroñés has added this Thursday its sixth consecutive victory in the SmartBank League by beating Albacete 2-0, which showed the lack of punch that keeps him at the bottom of the table.

The Logroñés made a perfect match for his interests: he scored early, defended himself well from his rival later and when the Albacete seemed more ambitious he scored the second and “killed” the game.

The Rioja team took to the field with personality and when it had established its dominance, it scored a clear penalty from Liberto, which rolled into the area to Iago Lopez when he came alone to finish.

With the goal, Logroñés delayed and gave the ball to Albacete, which has since maintained a misleading initiative, because it was unable to find gaps in the Riojan defense and barely finished off with danger.

In fact, his only clear chance in the entire first half came due to an error by the Riojan goalkeeper, who in the 19th minute left the ball free for a shot from Gomez and he sent the ball to the post.

It was a sign of Albacete's lack of punch, which at the beginning of the second half was again unable to generate opportunities against a comfortable Logroñés in a game without brilliance but very effective.

Little by little the Logroñés was more aware of his possibilities to the against and thus he had options to sentence; first in a shot by Leo Ruiz in the 58th minute, which the Albacete goalkeeper narrowly stopped; and two minutes later in another action in which the Colombian participated and that Bogutz culminated with a loose shot.

Albacete still did not appear in attack, although little by little it gained ground and in the 65th minute, when it was more ambitious, it had its best chance, in a good shot from Fuster that Santamaría stopped.

But after that “joy” the Albacete took a “blow”, in a combination between Bogutz, Unai medina Y Mountain range (the last two recently entered the field) that ended with 2-0 and the match.

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