How much does Bale earn at Real Madrid per season and how many years does he have left on his contract?

He Real Madrid have a problem with Bale. Welsh is, next to Hazard and Ramos, the one more cobra from the squad. However, there is a big difference. While your two companions They are fundamental in the plans Zidane, the coach does not have the Welshman. I already gave itshowed last seasonespecially in the final stretch, and nothing has changed in this one.

Bale currently has a salary of more than 15 million net by season. That supposes to Real Madrid a cost of more than 30 million euros per year. An amount that supposes a problem, especially in the dieasy economic situation through the white club until the fans can return to the stadiums.

With contract until 2022

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Furthermore, the Bale problem must be multiply it by two, since it has contract until 2022 (this season and another one). In total, Madrid must pay almost 70 million euros for the two courses that Bale has left if they don't find a way out for him.

Therefore, the priority right now it is find destiny. Some time ago, the white offices gave up asking for anything for their transfer, since they are conscious of simply finding a club take charge of that token …