Barça: eleven exits to solve

With the bye virtually closed of Arturo vidal to Inter Milan, Barça still have eleven potential exits to be resolved and time begins to tighten. Koeman needs to clean he locker room of footballers with whom it does not have or to whom the club already said in its day that they would not continue. To make your message clearer to the footballers you have, the dutch has asked for speed to the technical secretariat and to the staff of the club. Cases have their peculiarities. Some, because they have to do with Sacred cows how Luis Suarez; others, because they affect players with many years in the house and they deserve touch (Rafinha, Aleñá, Oriol Busquets, Miranda); several because the Barça wants to get an economic slice (Junior, Braithwaite, Todibo). There are also players who are almost impossible to place for physical condition and record as Umtiti and others for lack of level (Matheus).

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Luis Suárez (contract until June 2021). A bitter case. Koeman, from the club's mouth, has communicated to the Uruguayan that does not count on him. Suárez wants to go free and collect the your entire contract which ends in 2021. Barça does not want and he answers that he can spend a year in the stands. While, Juventus and Atlético want him. The solution could be for Suárez to forgive the year of his contract and Barça let him go free. But at the moment, there is no solution.

Jean-Clair Todibo (contract until June 2023). Abidal's bet went wrong. Barça stole it from Juventus in what it considered a future signing. But the evolution of french and his behavior they have not been the best. Barça wants to get rid of him, but considers that it has a market and tries get money from him. The footballer, since he knows that they do not want him, will try to leave for a symbolic amount or free. Barça prefers Araujo.

Moussa Wague (contract until June 2023). A frivolity of the club, who raised him to the first team and announced that he would be substitute for Semedo While Sergi Roberto passed to the center of the field and Rakitic was leaving. But the Croatian did not leave and the plan with Wague was foiled. But not only for that. It has no level for Barça and it is necessary to find a loan, like last season to Nice, or a transfer.

Samuel Umtiti (contract until June 2023). Besides having chronic knee problems left, it was deleted last season. We could say that he 'passed' from playing and training in the last month and a half. Barça wants to get it out of the way but Bartomeu signed him a contract until 2023 even knowing that the doctors did not guarantee the health of his knee. The Barça wants to put it in the Depay operation or give it away to anyone so as not to have to pay a very high token.

Júnior Firpo (contract until June 2024). A bet that, apparently, has not worked. He arrived after doing a season brilliant at Betis as a laner. His first match in Granada marked him. Then he was fine, but no one seems to trust him. Barça wants to turn it into exchange currency to make cheaper, for example, the signing of Lautaro. The player ehe is hurt by the treatment of the club. He has neither given him sports opportunities to show that he can be better than Alba nor does he give him another vote of confidence. A complicated case. I could go on.

Miranda (contract until June 2023). Bet of the club ahead of Cucurella in the summer of 2018, did not give the level when Valverde aligned him. He had a terrible time in a match in the round of 16 of the Cup (first leg) against Levante and no longer recovered. The assignment to Schalke it was not perfect and el Barça wants a transfer. Betis were interested in him and need a side to compete with Álex Moreno. But the Verdiblancos also have doubts about whether it will give the level in First.

Aleñá (contract until June 2022). Dear player in the house, Valverde tried to give him gallons at the beginning of last season, but the one from Mataró did not finish taking advantage of the opportunity. Too it was diluted in Betis, where started playing but it ended without doing it. The Barca think about a sale, but it is not ruled out that he remains in the squad if another flyer does not arrive.

Rafinha (contract until June 2021). He Barça wants 15 million euros for him and the Brazilian, tired of the club never having him and always considering him merchandise, intends to go free. That is the pulse. Barça knows that it has Premier offers and from Italy, in addition to being wanted by Celta, and asks for money. The footballer threatens to spend a year getting paid and get out for free. Condemned to understand each other.

Oriol Busquets (contract until June 2021). It doesn't count for Koeman. In this case, the club has given freedom to the player to find a team. If it comes with an offer your departure will be facilitated. The midfielder has always had a good behavior in the entity.

Matheus Fernandez (contract until June 2025). Has not played not a minute at Barça and Koeman already wants him out because he does not consider him with the level to wear the Barça club shirt. Seven million euros and three in variables paid to Palmeiras thrown away while no club chops and Barça recovers a dubious investment, the kind that makes the fans doubt everything. And it is not the first to be done with Brazilians. Not the last, because now it has come Gustavo Maia to the subsidiary.

Martin Braithwaite (contract until June 2024). The Danish, which cost 18 million of euros to Barça to play four times, he seemed to have a foot and a half in West Ham. Koeman has asked to see it because Barça, without Suárez, has stayed without forwards and until you incorporate at least one you can be a shock. However, the idea of ​​the club is to sell it.

Apparently, only 18 players have their future guaranteed at Barça 2020-21 except scandalous sale to help ease the club's coffers. They are Ter Stegen, Neto, Semedo, Sergi Roberto, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba, Busquets, Pjanic, De Jong, Coutinho, Griezmann, Messi, Trincao, Dembélé, Pedri, Riqui Puig and Ansu. Of the last three, the first already has a record from the first team and the last two should have it in the coming weeks.. TO those 18 footballers should add a central (Eric García) and a forward (Lautaro or Memphis Depay). Could also get a midfielder (Wijnaldum) or a left side that squeezed Jordi Alba. But that remains to be seen why the Barça box is shivering.