History says that Cádiz does not descend to Second

After the victory against Getafe, Cádiz adds 35 points. The yellows are currently in 12th place, in a privileged position after having added ten of the last 15 points at stake: three wins, one draw and one loss. The distance with Elche, the team that marks the relegation to the Second Division, is nine points. A difference that, without certifying mathematical permanence, does seem a priori difficult to overcome.

In fact history says that Cádiz will not descend. In the last 20 seasons, only one team that had 35 points or more, at championship heights, ended up dropping to Second. To find this singular case, we have to go back to the 2003-04 season, when Valladolid, on matchday 30, was 14th with 36 points (one more of the ones from Cervera). It is true that the distance of Valladolid with the descent at that time was only six points (in that season the descent was marked by Espanyol, with 30). And football things, the Castilian-Leonese ended up declining after adding only five points out of a possible 24; while the Catalans were saved by getting 13 more points.

Shield / Flag Cádiz

There is no other like precedent in these 20 years, except in the case of Elche in the 2014-15 season, which despite being in 13th position with 41 points, its course ended in administrative decline. Yes there have been descents of teams that at this point had a point less than Cádiz (34). Cases of Girona, in the 2018-19 season, which only added three points and finished with 37; the one of Deportivo, in 2010-11, after adding nine points (43); the one of Betis, in 2008-09, which dropped to 42; and that of Lift in 2004-05, which, like Girona in 2018-19, only added three points in the last eight days.