Hamburg's Leistner called the fan he had a fight with to apologize to each other

Yesterday, Monday, September 14, one of the most impressive moments of the new season in Germany went around the world. And is that in the German country they have kicked off the 2020-21 campaign with the DFB Pokal dispute. Precisely, in one of those games, Dynamo Dresden, from Third, who beat the mythical Hamburg 4-1, in Second, in the round of thirty-second, viral action occurred.

Coat of Arms / Flag Hamburg

Toni Leistner, is a defender who currently plays for Hamburg. However, it is a natural coincidence of the city of Dresden, so he played some other season in the same Dynamo. But yesterday, while giving the post-match interview, he turned to the stands, which he accessed, went up the stairs, and after facing a local fan, he pushed him and started a fight. The rest of the attendees ended up separating the two after several seconds of tension.

Leistner himself said that the reason for his anger with the fan was due to a series of comments towards his wife, who is pregnant. “It was against my family, my wife and my daughter. Then my fuses blew.” The German footballer's own wife also declared that it is “a serious problem of society”.

Yes, The Hamrburg player wasted no time in posting a message on his social networks and today he confirmed that he personally called the fan with whom he had the fight to miss out on mutual apologies for what happened. A history like Hamburg that does not start its new season very well for the moment: elimination in the first round of the German Cup and one of its players fighting with a rival fan.