Roberto López: a first-rate left-hander

With nine major casualties and men like Oyarzabal and Januzaj at half gas, Imanol he did not hesitate for a moment in Valladolid. The 'foals', to play. Without Odegaard, in Madrid, with Silva in the infirmary and Jon
Guridi Touched, the Oriotarra bet for that vacant interior position by someone whom he knows perfectly, by that kid who until recently solved games with the Youth. Robert
Lopez, in his first game in the elite as a starter, he did not hesitate to respond to the opportunity. Goal and a point for Real. “An indescribable sensation”, as admitted by the player on his Instagram profile.

The goal was held in Gipuzkoa and also in San Pantaleón, the small dirt field of UD Amistad, the Zaragoza club that gave birth to Robert
Lopez. Angel
Hervás, its president, confesses to MD that “in the club we are already from the Real, we saw Roberto's game and we cannot be more proud of him”, says the president happily, who highlights “the simplicity of the kid, he is very humble and it has values ​​”. The jump to the Real was decisive for the growth of Robert
Lopez, which ended up being channeled in Donostia. Bad student and somewhat “pasotilla”, discipline, education and idiosyncrasy of the Real helped him to be “a better player and person”.

Life made the game more difficult for him when he was eight years old after the death of his father. The small Lopez found in the ball an escape route to overcome the loss: “It was a hard blow and since then Robert He is a very humble boy, a family member and a friend of his friends ”. Whenever he can, he returns home to spend time with his mother Ana and his sister Alba, whom he adores. “The grandmother (passed away in 2017) was also important for the boy,” he remarks. Hervás. Soccer and taking care of your body occupies a large part of the daily life of Robert
Lopez, who does not hesitate to take the car to see his crew: “His best friend continues to play here and comes to see him when he has the day off.”

They will enter vital money

UD Amistad subsists by players like Robert
Lopez or Ander
Herrera, who also gave his first kicks to the ball in the land of San Pantaleón. The club maño has a right to training after passing Lopez to have a record of the first team. Money with which “we can throw away several years.” This income, which has not yet been received since it is received at the end of the season, is vital for clubs such as UD Amistad, from quarry and training, to move forward. The txuri urdin paid 1,800 euros for the cadet Robert

Beyond the economic, the figure of Lopez makes a club as important in Aragon as UD Amistad put itself on the map: “For us it's incredible, the little ones want to play with us for things like this,” he is sincere Hervás, who sends a message as the club's top president: “We are all with him and we support him in everything he does, hopefully he can make a career in the First Division because he deserves it.” For now Robert
Lopez he does not add more than five games with Real.