Stepanek: “Djokovic is in pain, this is difficult for him”

Radek Stepanek, one of the people who knows Novak Djokovic best, wanted to comment on the unfortunate episode that the Serbian starred in last Sunday, when he accidentally hit a linesman and was disqualified from the US Open.

Speaking to CNN Stepanek acknowledged that Djokovic is very hurt by this situation. “I know he is very sad inside and suffers. He is in pain because the ball was not intentional and that is why the pain is greater. It is difficult for him because we know how hungry he is to become the tennis player with more Grand Slams. Everyone thought this would be for him, that he could achieve it. All this makes him very sad, he himself knows that it was wrong “

The Czech, who was Djokovic's coach, also justified the Serbian against the criticism he has received. “The pressure and criticism he's receiving is tough. He is trying to do the best he can. He wants to end his career as the greatest of all time. We are all human beings and we have the right to make a mistake. “

Stepanek also revealed how Djokovic is taking in this episode. “I believe that he will return to his family and loved ones to be in a safe environment. Also, one of his strengths is the mental strength that he has. It doesn't matter how sad and empty you are at that moment. He is a person with very deep feelings and he will also be being hard on himself. He will get over this episode when he returns to compete. “