From the emotion of Elena Rivera to the humor of Buenafuente: this is how the Ondas 2022 have been

The Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona has dressed up this Wednesday to celebrate the 69th edition of the Ondas Awards, which recognize the talent of the audiovisual sector. The gala, presented by Barrier Light y Aimar Bretoshas been very emotional with moments such as the tribute to jesus quinterowho died last October, or the memory for Jose Luis Gilactor of What is coming, recovering from a stroke.

One of the protagonists of the night has been Elena Rivera, who has collected the award for his series Alba, The Inheritors of the Earth and Drought. The actress recalled the first time she went on stage, when she was still a child: “It was on the television set Menudas Estrellas. My father, the railwayman, had a folkloric daughter,” she said when dedicating the award to her parents “for always being by my side”.

Another of the winners of the night has been Andrew Buenafuente. The presenter of Late Motiv He has attended the gala with his wife, Silvia Apriland has caused laughter in the room by recounting that they already ask him if he is retired.

Jordi Hurtado has collected the award for best entertainment program for To know and to win, which has been on the air for 25 years; while Carlos Francino He has done it for his entire career: “I dedicate this award to a person who shares my life first professionally and then personally. This last year or so he has had a very bad time, screwed up by persistent COVID and despite all this My life doesn’t get better every day. I’m going to say it: Gema, I love you.”

The Javisin pristine black, have been recognized for Cardo, the best drama of the year.

In the musical realm, double light has picked up the winged horse for his 40-year career on stage and Manuel Carrascowho has come accompanied by his wife, Almudena Navalón, has been awarded for the closing concert of his latest tour at the Cartuja in Seville: “”I knew very little at first, but I knew that what scared me the most at the same time made me feel stronger. I believe that in life you have to dare with humility with everything. Be brave and take the long way if necessary”, he said excitedly.