Joaquín Torres silences rumors of crisis with Raúl Prieto: “Our relationship is very solid”

It’s not being a good year for Joaquin Torres. The famous architect suffered a traffic accident and dealt with the death of his mother. These harsh blows took a toll on her marriage to Raul Prieto, since on several occasions, rumors of crisis in their relationship came to light. However, this Sunday, on the occasion of her first wedding anniversary, Torres published a statement on her Instagram profile, where she swears eternal love for her husband.

I say once again, loud and clear, that there was never a crisis“Torres clarified on his Instagram profile. Likewise, the architect has assured that Joaquín has been his main support in this very complicated year for him.”Raúl did not falter for a single day, not for a single second. He was always by my side, supporting, sustaining and obviously suffering with me. There hasn’t been. There is no crisis“, has manifested.

Taking advantage of his intervention in networks, Torres has pointed out that this bump in his life has also been very hard for Raúl. However, the architect recalled that his marriage is very solid, both in good and bad times.

Our relationship is solid, for good and bad. Obviously in the bad it is much more vulnerable. Today, as I did a year ago, I shout to the world that I love Raúl, and that he is, and will always be, the love of my life“, said Joaquín Torres.

For his part, Raúl Prieto has taken advantage of the first anniversary of his marriage to publish a beautiful snapshot of his wedding day with Torres. Along with the image, the actor has stated: “Eternal love. A year ago, Seville“.

Recovered from his health problems

The Catalan was discharged from hospital at the end of April after having had to undergo surgery up to five times as a result of a bone infection. Torres had several complications as a result of his hip prosthesis operation that was placed at the end of 2023. “What I could not imagine is that a relatively simple operation was going to become so complicated. “He was convinced I had a bone infection. In the end I was right, it had been established on the plates that had been established on December 12 and it was not detected,” he said.