The big lie of Ángel Cristo, exposed: it comes to light who made the recordings of Bárbara Rey and Don Juan Carlos

Angel Cristo Jr He has always been faithful to his theory: he himself recorded his mother in her intimate encounters with the king Juan Carlos I. Sofía Cristo’s brother told Telecinco all the details of the former star’s encounters with the emeritus and even assured that she made the famous and compromising recordings of her when she was only 12 years old. Six months after Ángel Cristo Jr’s controversial statements, it has come to light that Ana Herminia’s boyfriend was not the one who recorded Bárbara Rey with Don Juan Carlos.

Sergio Pérez, regular talk show host Fiestaassured that he has had contact with the person who made the recordings and that, of course, it was not Ángel Cristo Jr. “He turns on the computer and puts a fragment of Angel Christ on Friday! when he told about the recordings of Bárbara Rey and the emeritus. And then he puts up another video where you can see how this person puts the cameras in Bárbara Rey’s house. I had many questions, I told her that it was Barbara who told her to put the cameras in, and she didn’t answer me.“, the collaborator revealed this Saturday.

The journalist stressed that his contact will deny everything and has indicated that the witness charged money for the recordings. “He told me that he installed them at the request of an investigation agency, and that Bárbara Rey was told that these cameras were placed for the protection of the neighbors because there were many robberies at that time in that urbanization.“, he stated.

These new statements by Sergio Pérez do not coincide with the version of Ángel Cristo, who recounted on the set of Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona how he experienced the meetings between Bárbara Rey and Don Juan Carlos. “A camera is hidden in the room and in the dining room, connected to a cable and a video camera. In the room I focused on the bed and you can see the bed. The image quality was poor, but you could make out what was happening“, he stated.

Furthermore, Sofía Cristo’s brother revealed what these images were hiding. “In this one my mother appears opening a bottle of wine and him looking at her breasts. In this one they are kissing, in this other photo he is carrying the tray from the porch to the dining room because they were going to eat and in this photo my mother is showing him the paella that she just cooked for him, he liked paella“, he revealed.