Paz Padilla organizes a Christmas party for ‘influencers’ with Victoria Federica: champagne, gifts and flamenco

The presenter and her daughter have decorated their house as if it were a Harrods store to celebrate Christmas in style. It was this Thursday and among the list of guests stood out influencers such as Anita Matamoros, miri perez and the very Victoria Federicawho has had a great time dancing to the rhythm of John Pena.

The singer-songwriter from Jerez has enlivened the evening with a live performance in which the daughter of the Infanta Elena has wasted art by clapping and moving her hips together with the hostesses, peace padilla y Anna Ferrer, and the rest of the guests. A meal washed down with champagne, gifts and glasses that ended with all the guests going through a limbo to the rhythm of a tambourine.

Paz Padilla and her daughter, who have taken advantage of the meeting to present Noniná’s new jewelry collection, have been very affectionate with Victoria Federica, who has forgotten the glamor of the red carpet for a day to put on an elf hat and eat polvorones in a very relaxed atmosphere.