France reduces capacity from 5,000 to 1,000 spectators

Olivier Véran, French Minister of Health, has confirmed in an appearance a few minutes ago that most French cities are in the red alert zone, such as Lyon, Marseille, Paris, Nice, Toulouse, Saint-Étienne, Rouen or Grenoble. This has had a direct consequence in football stadiums, reducing their capacity.

France, which was the first country to end its season after the spread of the coronavirus, was also the first to allow spectators in stadiums. The limit was 5,000 fans and, although the Executive had the intention of extending it at the end of September, The worsening pandemic in France has caused the Macron government to reduce the capacity to 1,000 spectators.

Other cities like Marseille, which has temporarily closed all of its bars, They will not be able to welcome any spectators, as the situation in the south of France is critical and the spread of the virus is increasing at uncontrollable rates. For its part, Roland Garros, which starts on Sunday, expects to host 5,000 spectators.