Unexpected encounter that has occurred this Wednesday morning in the courts of Seville, where Frank Rivera has had an act of conciliation in court with Ernest Neyrawhich finally has not ended in agreement.

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All for some statements that the right-hander granted about the relationship between the dancer and his mother, Carmina Ordonez. It must be remembered that Paquirri’s ex accused Neyra of mistreatment. She filed a complaint against him that was filed with her death in 2004.

“I am innocent, I have never been convicted, I am fine and with the truth ahead of me,” explained Neyra himself. His lawyer, for his part, has remarked: “It has gone well, so one more step because he does not recognize the facts. Since there is no agreement, there is no conciliation, the next step is to file a complaint and continue with the procedure.”

Neyra considers that Fran violated her privacy and her honor: “A criminal complaint has been filed for insults, slander and the right to honor and that’s it, there is nothing more to comment. I do not come to this life to sue, I come to enjoy, but I have no choice but to raise these situations because they charge me with a crime that I have not committed. We will see each other in court with the people that are needed. That I have been enduring for 20 years. “

Fran Rivera’s lawyer, Joaquín Moeckel, has also spoken about it and has said that his client, who was in Ubrique on Tuesday in the burning chapel of Jesús Quintero, is “very calm.”

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“There is no agreement. The basis is that Mr. Neyra understands that some statements made by Mr. Rivera were not correct and he wanted to file a claim for an amount. We understand that we are within our spirit of freedom of expression and we have not agreed , therefore, there has been no agreement. It is the only thing I can tell you,” said the lawyer.

In addition, Moeckel has launched an order at Neyra: “The next step is for Ernesto Neyra to sue, not to threaten, to sue.”