As we anticipated a few days ago, Ana Boyer was in Barcelona this Wednesday inaugurating the new HOFF store and has become for a few hours the official spokesperson for the family after the media break of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva. Very polite, Fernando Verdasco’s wife has assured that everyone has made pineapple with Tamy in these difficult times: “We are with her, giving her all her love at all times.”

Ana Boyer, who has attracted all the interest in the act thanks to her sister’s soap opera, has assured that they always trusted Íñigo because Tamara did it: “For us, the important thing was that Tamara was fine and nothing else. If she was excited and happy , we also”. In addition, she has denied that her mother had anything to do with the leaking of Onieva’s famous video: “No, it’s not true, my mother found out at the same time as the others.”

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She affirms that she has not been in contact with what would have been her brother-in-law during these days: “I do not want to interfere, it is not up to me to talk to him about this.” And she is cautious about a possible reconciliation: “She has said it, she does not see it possible, but for me the most important thing is that Tamara is happy and if Tamara wants to be with someone it is up to her, I will always support her.”

In addition, Ana has taken advantage of her appearance to defend her sister from the controversy over the statements she made in Mexico, during the Family Congress, and for which many have accused her of being homophobic: “Tamara has always been very respectful in all senses and I am very surprised by those comments, it has to be something out of context, that has been misunderstood”. She also laughs at the supposed new love of her sister: “Tamara? The first news I have, I think that right now Tamara is at another time.”