Mary Joseph Campanario He has had to go through the hospital again because of the fibromyalgia he suffers. the woman from Jesulin of Ubriquewho in June gave birth to her third child with the bullfighter, has been admitted to the San Juan Grande Hospital in Jerez de la Frontera.

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The dentist remained hospitalized for several days, according to the magazine Week this Wednesday, and, during this time, her husband did not separate from her.

Jesulín was photographed near the center, as he left the room to clear his mind and go home for food and clean clothes. At this time, both are already at home. They assure that Julia Janeiro’s mother evolved favorably.

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In June they brought their third child into the world, little Hugo, who fills his older sister and the middle of the family, Jesús Alejandro, with joy. In August they granted an exclusive to their friend magazine boasting of two decades of love and the birth of their new creature. However, they chose not to appear on the cover with the little one of the house. Something they did with the two oldest when they were little.