The Investigating Court number 18 of Seville has resolved the provisional dismissal and filing of the complaint filed by Maria Leon against agents of the Local Police for the event that occurred in the early morning of October 1 in the Seville capital. The actress, after her arrest, claimed to have been “victim of police abuse.”

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The complaint, however, has been provisionally dismissed, as confirmed by the law firm representing the Goya winner for the sleeping voice.

The events, according to the Seville Local Police, occurred at dawn in the vicinity of Avenida de María Luisa. According to the version of the uniformed, several agents went to the notice about a cyclist who was with signs of drunkenness.

While they were carrying out the breathalyzer test, a group of people, including the sister of Paco Leon, would have begun to rebuke the agents and record the scene with their mobile phones. The local police asked for their identification. The Sevillian interpreter did not carry her ID, so the agents urged her to go to the police station in a patrol car.

After that, according to the police version, several people from the group would have surrounded the patrol car, one of them opening one of the doors. Afterward, Maria prepared to get out of the vehicle. Extreme that she tried to prevent an agent, being allegedly beaten by the interpreter, she was finally arrested.

During his court appearance, as reported to Europa Press sources of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), León accepted his constitutional right not to testify, after which the court ordered his provisional release, investigated for an alleged crime of attack on authority.

Maria Leon’s version

María León denounced the police officers who arrested her for alleged crimes of illegal detention, injuries and against moral integrity. The daughter of Carmina Barrios denied “having assaulted anyone” and claimed to be the “victim of police abuse,” and she is now the filed complaint against her.

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For its part, the section of the Professional Union of Municipal Police of Spain (Sppme) in the Seville City Council has defended the “absolute professionalism and exemplary nature” of the agents who carried out the arrest.

Faced with the accusations of “police abuse” of María, they maintain that she received “correct and polite treatment” by the agents despite her “provocations”. They emphasize that the one she was treated at a health center was the agent whom the actress allegedly assaulted.