The soundtrack of a bizarre night. As happened against Levante, in that goal drunkenness that ended with a 4-3 victory for Espanyol, Elche’s visit on the second Monday of 2022, with a soulless but spirited RCDE Stadium, like Asterix’s Gaul, was another bizarre match and surreal. A match in which a timid Espanyol could be seen that started as a flan (0-2) and was awakened by a Keidi Bare cow’s tail, with a spout included, a prelude to the 1-2 of RdT. A hobby that chanted “for them to for them” at halftime as if it were a European semifinal and a speaker, that of the Grada Canito, who did not stop singing in the first half. They could have denounced him for noise pollution, not because of his commendable spirits, but because his phrases echoed even at the airport.

The two types of errors. The defensive errors of a Espanyol who sometimes suffers incompressible individual disconnections also rumbled. Understandable that of Joan García in his debut in Primera. They all get on their nerves. Then he recovered and, although he was not overworked, he did not squeak any more. The crowd responded with affectionate applause in his next speech. A great gesture. There was less patience with Aleix Vidal’s bad decisions, Loren’s slips, Pedrosa’s lack of forcefulness or the replacement of Embarba, who is still far from his level. To continue growing, we must avoid these blunders.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

La Liga Santander

* Data updated as of January 10, 2022

A backpack of stones. Nor did Espanyol improve in one of their pending subjects after the first round. The parakeet team had the ball, with Morlanes at the hands and Darder out, but the mechanisms did not work. Only RdT, which went down to intermediate positions, found light in the middle of the Elche forest. Few players were at their level, especially wingers and wingers, who did not specify how little they centered and Elche shook water and took long breaks, moving the ball from one side to the other, speculating, without Espanyol being able to show their skills. nails. The pressure in rival field is conspicuous by its absence, imprisoning the team of its peculiarities.

Those great opportunities. It’s funny what happens to Espanyol. A team that is unable to control matches against inferior rivals in the classification. It is a Espanyol of plays rather than games, which has not just evolved although his level has already reached him to move in that area of ​​no one, in the desert of the table. 2022 starts in the worst possible way, with that defeat at home, the fort where all the successes were forged. It is already usual for the parakeet team, not to reach two joys in a row: he wins his first game away against Valencia but loses in that Cornellà that was almost unconquerable. Espanyol still does not tackle that mile that always separates them from great opportunities.