The last time the Sabadell He played a regular league match, on March 7, he visited the Dani Jarque Sports City to measure himself with the Espanyol B (4-2). And now it is the case that his next league game, a priori in September, could face him with the first team of the Spanish, at RCDE Stadium. An unexpected leap in the script that, however, does not occur magically, but based on the effort, talent and promotion that the harlequined ones culminated last Sunday by uploading to Second A at the cost of Barcelona B (2-1).

Spanish Shield / Flag

The ascent of Sabadell, combined with the descent of Espanyol – how different the “A” song sounds Second, oé “, often contemptuous, when a team that euphorically chants a year ago fought not to fall Third-, promotes the recovery of the other great Catalan derby, beyond that of the parakeets and the Barcelona have repeated 170 times in the history of The league. The harlequinados, who had five years in the bronze category, have played more than half a century in professional football, and on up to 30 occasions they have seen the faces with Espanyol, the vast majority (26) in First.

Shield / Flag Sabadell

This Catalan derby will return 30 years after its last dispute, which dates from March 11, 1990 in the Second Division, when Ramon Matas and Eloy Pérez they put the tables (1-1) in the Nova Creu Alta. There, Espanyol has returned later, but not to face Sabadell in an official match, but to play a game in exile that also led him to Europe, before him Oviedo in 1996 as a result of a tangerine that hit the referee's body Juan Manuel Brito Arceo, or by works in Montjuïc, like the famous Intertoto Cup from 1998.

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An aerial image of Nova Creu Alta in the 70s.

In addition, Sabadell and Espanyol have shared throughout its history a endless number of players, some legendary. The harlequin template of this promotion includes Angel Martinez, captain, and so far Manu Lanzarote, without going further. In the not too distant past they were also Juanjo Cicoles or Carlos Clerc. And, of course, the legendary Raúl Tamudo.

AND between the 80s and 90s they dressed in harlequin myths, from Rafa Marañón to Tommy N'Kono, passing by Orlando Gimenez, Josep Maria Gallart, Manolo Zúñiga, Edu Mauri or Tintin Marquez. Until Branko Kubalason of the mythical LadislausHe alternated both teams in the 1960s. Now he is recovering a derby that oozes that aroma of authenticity.

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