“Almost half” of the players of the Sport Huancayo they tested positive for COVID-19 one week from resume the Peruvian league, This prevented Rojo Matador from traveling to Lima this Friday, where the Peruvian league will resume from August 7. The defender Giancarlo Carmona confirmed that among the footballers who tested positive there are various headlines of the team that Wilmer Valencia trains.

“The situation is complicated. We don't think there would be so many infected companions. He campus was cut almost in half“Carmona told the radio program 'Las voces del futbol' on Radio Unión.

According to established protocol for the return of the professional soccer in Peru, the members of the Huancayo happened on thursday rapid tests of coronaviruses with the surprise that they were detected numerous positives. Now the team will have to undergo molecular tests, also called PCR, for confirm the diagnosis and avoid any false positives that the serological kits could have marked.

We will not be able to train again until have the results“warned Carmona, whose club, however, plans to travel to Lima without limbs of the team they threw positive in these quick tests. “The situation we are experiencing is unfortunate. We are in phase 3 of training (practice matches with all the players on the field) and we are very exposed,” lamented the 34-year-old.

On this news, the General Manager of the Professional Soccer League, Víctor Villavicencio, stated that “if there is a club seven or eight infected is because there was certainly a non-compliance with protocolsIf you are taking the tests, it is not possible that so many infections can occur. If there is a breach in homework, without a doubt the Jurisdictional body is empowered to sanction“he added.

Huancayo, the capital of the Junín region, is one of the current epicenters of pandemic in Peru and one of the few departments where it is kept strictly quarantine decreed nationwide since March 16 but as of July 1 it only remains in a few regions and some provinces.

For the return to professional football there were at least 34 footballers what gave positive for coronavirus At the time of resuming training, teams like Universitario, Alianza Lima, Sport Boys, Cantolao, Sporting Cristal, Cusco, Carlos Mannucci, Carlos Stein and Binacional.

The Peruvian league has pending dispute thirteen days of the Opening Tournament, all Closing, that it will be played in two groups of ten teams each; and the final phase of the season, with two semifinals and one final to decide the national champion. Everyone the matches will be played in Lima.

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