He Atlético de Madrid and the Naples, one more summer, they see how their paths are crossed by players from both teams. In this case, the name of Milik It is the one that hogs the most lights. The Polish striker is one of the rojiblanco club has on his agenda to reinforce that demarcation if the departure of Diego Costa when the Champions League ends.

As we have been counting, Juventus is the best placed team to get their services, and in Italy there is even talk of an agreement between Vecchia Signora and the footballer, which would triple his salary as a bianconnero.

Laurentiis, president of Naples, has recognized in Corriere dello Sport a meeting with Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, CEO of Atlético de Madrid. “Lunch with Gil Marín? It was just a date between two people who esteem each other, “he replied.

What is clear to the Neapolitan leader is that he will not lower his claims by Milik. He wants at least 40 million euros. “If Juventus wants it, they have to pay it. It will go to the highest bidder, I will not discount anyone. Otherwise, he will stay here and earn the consideration of the coach, “he stated flatly.

Apart from the Pole, Atlético was also interested in his day for the midfielder Allan, while Naples, in addition to Diego Costa, it also keeps track of Arias and Vrsaljko to reinforce the right side of the team.


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