The emeritus has been in the United Arab Emirates for three years, observing with a magnifying glass how his son and daughter-in-law, the kings Felipe and LetiziaThey try to solidify an institution that is not going through its best moment. Despite her impeccable work (and for a couple of years also that of her daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía), Don Juan Carlos He is pessimistic about the future of the Monarchy: “I give him ten more years.”

This is how Don Juan Carlos confessed to a friend a few days ago in a private and relaxed chat, according to Pilar Eyre. The real expert has told Gabriel Rufián during an interview: “There is no one who knows his business better than the boss,” he said.

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Perhaps for this reason, to lend a hand to his son and counteract the podcast of Corinnawhich is reopening old wounds, Don Juan Carlos has reached an agreement with the Treasury with which he clears his name and finances. Last Tuesday, the emeritus admitted that he had not declared the “gifts” of various businessmen who paid for his hunts and accepted a sanction by the Treasury by signing a document in accordance with the Tax Agency that adds to the voluntary regularizations he made, for amount of just over five million, to avoid being accused of various tax crimes. The amounts claimed do not reach 120,000 euros in any of the fiscal years (from 2014 to 2018), so they do not constitute a Tax offence, in accordance with the Penal Code.

One less problem; now only Corinna is missing. So what Don Juan Carlos is not particularly concerned about what his ex-lover tells or may tell: “He has not listened to any of the podcasts in which Corinna is heard saying all these issues, although they do inform him on time of everything she is saying about him. He is convinced that this is part of the strategy that Corinna has initiated to bring him down and, above all, it is helping her to earn money. Because although she has said that she is not profiting financially from this, King Juan Carlos has no doubt that she is doing so,” journalist Alejandro Entrambasaguas said days ago.

The emeritus and his advisers believe that Corinna’s podcast is only due to an attempt to divert attention from the case that is still pending in the Court of Appeal in London, where the former German princess accuses the king of having threatened her: “The lawyers King Juan Carlos are happy, because one of the three judges realized that Corinna’s versions do not match”.