New appearance of the La Roja coach on his Twitch channel, where he has starred in a fun chat with all his followers. Beyond the matches, the forecasts, the footballers and the strategies to return to Spain with the World Cup, the star question of the night was the latest gossip from the locker room: the friendship between the princess eleanor y Gavi.

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Luis Enrique he laughed as soon as he read the question: “What do you think that Gavi is going to be king of Spain”. The coach replied: “I’ve already found out about the news, how you like to mess around. What you like to turn everything around. Oh…! The truth is that I don’t see it, no.”

It all started last Wednesday, when the king traveled to Qatar to witness the first match of the Spanish selection in the 2022 World Cup. After the defeat of Costa Rica, Felipe VI went down to the locker room to congratulate the players, from whom he asked for a signed souvenir shirt, especially by Gavi. The networks highlighted that the garment was not her size, but rather that of her daughter Leonor, who is said to be a true fan of the young promise of FC Barcelona, ​​to the point that they ensure that she has her school folder lined with your photos.

Rumors, as we said, have reached Qatar, where Gavi has become the object of ridicule among his colleagueswho have given him a new nickname: The Little Prince.