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Copa del Rey basketball: Alberto Daz makes Unicaja fly

Gabby Barker



Unicaja 90 Casademont Zaragoza 86



The base leads the comeback of the Malaga against Zaragoza, who will play the semifinals on Saturday against Andorra

Alberto Daz celebrates with Thompson, against Zaragoza.

Since 2015, Unicaja did not step on a semifinal, which this Saturday has an appointment with MoraBanc Andorra (9.30pm) in search of the fight for the title cup. Super all the pitfalls of Casademont Zaragoza led by a base of those who do not hold headlines or hoard praise. Alberto Daz, in the purest tradition of the national director, was the smartest in the class. (86-90: Narration and statistics)

The curse of the host, beyond a typical, is a reality that grips those who push the stands in the Cup. But Unicaja goes beyond the tournament, since he won precisely in Zaragoza 15 years ago. The last three times I didn't even pass rooms. Normal nerves and doubts, a first half in the divn, watching as Zaragoza threatened to demarcate, unable the malagueos to tie short to DJ Seeley.

Until everything explodes in the air. It could only be so in the Carpena. In the third quarter (28-15), the charanga raising the decibels and the Unicaja flying over the park, as if it had released its chains. Brizuela, Carlos Surez, Jaime Fernndez, Daz… the national heart of the malagueos squeezing when it was most needed, dominating the rebound and the sensations.

The blow was too much for a Zaragoza to which Barreiro tried to re-engage, although he was always going to lose track. After Seeley, who was the only one to see the opposite ring with ease. His was a heroism without reward (29 points). But the locals had the heart in their favor, a quintet of Spaniards with Rubn Guerrero is a great pvot project, with the clairvoyance of Alberto Daz at the controls, a piece of director. With the offensive rebound as a deadly weapon: 21 of Porfirio Fisac ​​were swiped.

It was another end not suitable for weak hearts, with rude errors on the part of both, the nerves in the goal, as if neither knew or wanted to win. Zaragoza had come to close with danger (83-82), but Alberto was the owner of the situation, always the right decision, beyond his 15 points and his triple keys. After the ensuing consecutive error, Deon Thompson sentenced in the absence of 25 seconds and the Carpena burst definitely.

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