The Marchioness of Griñón participated this weekend in a conference on families in Mexico. Microphone in hand, she recounted her experience as a betrayed girlfriend just a week ago for Inigo Onieva and assured that it was the Virgin who freed her from the “little jewel” because she had asked her to. He also spoke that the engineer gives him “pity” for believing that “those things are the most important in life” and also that she is now working “on forgiveness”.

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But these are not the words that have provoked a heated controversy in social networkswhere thousands of users have made a Tamara Falco that only a week ago she was elevated to the altars for her education and knowing how to be in such a situation: face up after abandoning the unfaithful and lying Onieva. The Marchioness of Griñón assured in Mexico that “we are now experiencing a very complicated moment for humanity, there are so many different types of sexualities, there are so many different places where evil can be exercised …” and many have accused her of being “fascist” and of advocating “hate speech”.