Casa Árabe and LaLiga presented their new collaboration agreement in Madrid this Monday, with a view to continuity over time, for the development of different joint projects to promote the values ​​of Arab sport and culture, according to a statement from the employers’ association.

The first of these initiatives framed within the alliance will be ‘Soccer for Hope’, a Casa Árabe project to which LaLiga will join, offering professional meetings, talks, exhibitions, leisure and sports activities, among other actions, and which will last for five months. All this within the framework of the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar. These activities will take place in different locations, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Córdoba.

“The Middle East and North Africa region is strategic for LaLiga, and has been one of the axes of its international expansion. LaLiga was the first major European sports league to create an office in this area in 2014, when it opened its permanent office in Dubai. Also in the United Arab Emirates, LaLiga opened the first of its international academies in 2015, which had more than 1,000 registrations,” reported LaLiga.

In addition, in March 2021 the opening of LaLiga Academy Kuwait was also announced and, recently, the new ‘joint-venture’ was presented in the region, as a sign of the employer’s “commitment to the future” for football in the region .

“The objective of this alliance is to promote the values ​​of sport in society, as well as to give visibility to Arab culture in our country, through the development of joint activities and programs,” said the General Director of Casa Árabe, Irene Lozano. .

For his part, the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, insisted that sport is a “tool for social transformation”, which is why they see this alliance as “fundamental”. “We have been working in the region for many years, which has a very young population with great interest in football, so the potential for growth is great. We seek to promote the growth of football in the region supported by the values ​​of sport and culture, in addition to giving visibility to the Arab world,” he concluded.