The Barça Femení player, Claudia Pina, assured that the Blaugrana team is already one of the best in Europe and the world, but qualified that, after winning one of the three Champions League finals played, they need to “win more” titles, starting with this Saturday against Wolfsburg in the final in Eindhoven, to “take a step forward”.

“Hopefully we will continue to win, hopefully we will win this final. But hey, I think that today we are one of the best teams in Europe and in the world. We are showing it by reaching the finals that we are reaching. Now we need to be able to do it win and take a step forward,” he told the media days before the final.

After losing the 2019 and 2022 finals, but winning the 2021 final, the youth squad believes they learned from all of this. “I think that what we have had to learn we have already learned. Last year’s was a tough final, we came out very touched,” she acknowledged.

Now, in the third consecutive final, he believes that they arrive at an ideal time. “This is a new season and we are looking forward to it, it is another ‘Champions’ final, the third, which is said to be soon. We are preparing the game in the best way, with the desire and illusion of trying to win it,” she assured.

“At the end you have in mind that it is the most important game of the year and I suppose it will be the one we all want the most. It’s a ‘Champions’ final, obviously we have to be at our best level throughout the game, so we’ll try do it, we are working for that,” he reiterated.

In addition, he celebrated being all well, including captain Alexia Putellas after her long knee injury. “I think it’s important to arrive with all the players. We’ll have more options to change things. We hope it goes well, but if not, all of us who are here can contribute things and it’s important to turn the game around or do what we need in a moment,” he said.

He goes to Eindhoven with a clean mind and willing to do whatever it takes to win. “I won’t go thinking about whether we can lose or win, I’ll go to win and leave everything. Then, if we lose, I’ll have left everything on the field and that’s it. But I won’t be thinking about last year, it’s a new game, it’s a new year Now for the ‘Champions’, that’s it”, he said.

“Anything can happen in a match. Last year one of us dominated and the other, them. And in the end they had more chances, they beat us. In that match we were worse, we left with bad feelings. We are working to try to do our best , show your face and be able to win the game”, he commented regarding the crossing, with a blaugrana victory, against Wolfsburg last year.