Ana Obregon has returned this Wednesday May 31 to Spain with the little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. Her relatives are happy and, just a few hours after her arrival in Madrid, they have already visited the girl, who turned two months old on the 20th.

“They are both very well. Ana is happy, very happy and delighted to be here with the whole family,” confessed one of the actress’s sisters, Amaliaafter visiting with his other sister, Celiathe creature and the presenter in La Moraleja.

About the girl, Amalia has said: “Super cute, some cheeks and super good, very good. Everything is perfect, everything in order. Ana has revived, she is happy and we are going to take advantage of all this beautiful time after all the horrible time that we had”.

Javier Garcia Obregon, formerly of Paloma Lago, has also visited the girl: “She is beautiful, impressive. Wonderful, she is asleep now.” About her sister, she added: “She is happy.”

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the protagonist of Ana and the 7 She is already at home with her little girl, who will sleep in her deceased father’s room, as Ana herself explained in her interview at the checkout. The presenter, who has an intense month of June ahead of her due to the Book Fair and her interviews with Bertín Osborne and Pablo Motos, opened a great debate after resorting to surrogacy, illegal in our country, to have her daughter-granddaughter with the semen of his son who died three years ago, Aless Lequio. Around eight in the morning this Wednesday, mother and daughter have landed in Madrid.