Ana Obregón has returned to Spain this Wednesday, May 30, with little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón in her arms. Already installed in La Moraleja, the most anticipated reaction was that of Alessandro Lequio. The Italian count has already ruled on the matter.

“I did not have the date marked on the agenda. I had no idea, but welcome,” he assured in Ana Rosa’s program.

On whether he is interested in meeting Ana Sandra, he told Joaquín Prat: “I have not answered you because you know perfectly well that I am not going to talk about this topic and those related to my son. The question is related to my son.”

On the other hand, about the great debate that the actress opened after becoming a legal mother at the age of 68 and using the body of another woman and the semen of her son who died three years ago, she said: “She is not stupid. I knew perfectly well that a state of opinion was going to be created.”

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Ana Obregón, in her interview passed through the box in Hola, revealed that he made this decision to fulfill his son’s last will, to have children even after death. Lequio father, however, has not yet confirmed the version of the actress. He prefers not to speak publicly about issues related to her son, who was a very discreet and hermetic person with his personal life.