Dimitar Berbatov was as forceful in his statements as he used to be within the area. This time, the Bulgarian charged against one of his former clubs, Manchester United. The forward used the case of Donny Van de Beek to accuse United of signing just to satisfy their fans.

“Van de Beek is running out of time to save his Manchester United career. He started against Young Boys and was substituted at halftime. This has been the story of his time at this club. If he plays a starter, they change him. If he starts from the bench, only 10 minutes. He never has the opportunity to show what he can do, “Berbatov explains in statements to Betfair collected by the English newspaper Daily Mirror.

“The thing is not working with Van de Beek. It is a disappointment because United paid a lot for him, but it is what happens when you spend a lot of money just to please your fans. I hope you have a suitable opportunity, but it will be difficult for him and for the club to cut their losses … If it is possible, “the Bulgarian harshly sentenced.

He also spoke about Cavani. “Cavani is not happy. He had a great first season at United and to see now how his role fell and he lost seven … I hope Ole had an honest conversation with Cavani about his plans for the team. As a player in this situation You understand that the coach's job is to choose the best team, but you always want to play and you feel unhappy when you do it and they leave you out. ”

“Ole at risk? You can't be serious”

For the Bulgarian, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United coach, is not at risk of being fired as if other former United footballers pointed out. The loss to the Young Boys thinks that it still does not leave him touched. “The record is not good enough. It's true that football is sometimes more than the statistics show. But is Solskjaer's job at risk from defeat in Switzerland? Come on, you can't be serious. United have played four Premier League games and have won three. A defeat in the Champions League cannot put Solskjaer's job at risk. I don't understand any discussion about your future so soon. United have a strong team, they have made excellent signings who are fitting in and we should judge them when the group stage is over, not after a game, “he explained to finish.