Cádiz won their first victory of the season in Vigo. He did it thanks to Choco Lozano, who He managed to take out the defensive embarrassments of Celta in two very different actions. First it was from a set piece, taking advantage of a great center from Tomás Alarcón to emerge into the area and comb at will towards the net. That much further dislodged a thick Celta, blocked in ideas, with zero inspiration.

Celtic Shield / Flag

Choco's next mischief finally unhinged the people of Vigo. He beat Fontán in speed and put his body so that the youth squad could bite the hook. Spearfishing in the lower depths of the olive grove. Dituro stopped the penalty thrown by Salvi, but Espino hunted the rejection to score at will. The sky blue players were quicker to protest to the referee than to go to the rebound.

Mallo was about to cut distances in the first half discount with a good left foot, but Ledesma became great in his goal. He flew to his squad to deflect the ball thrown by the Celtic captain.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

Coudet reacted at halftime with a tremendously offensive triple change. Chacho's anger had to be tremendous at halftime because the olívico team changed completely. He launched from the beginning in search of a heroic comeback that finally did not come by a matter of centimeters.

Mina closed the gap midway through the second half and was on the verge of achieving a draw with two sensational shots. He tried it with his head and even his knee in an acrobatic finish. But nothing, that longed-for second goal did not come.

Two stringers

The second part was a local harassment without knockdown. It was best staged in the six minutes of discount, where Celta ran into the crossbar on two occasions. First it was a header from Aspas to the crossbar and then a shot from Murillo with his head to the crossbar. Absolute madness of the people from Vigo and joy from Cadiz, who achieves his first victory of the season. The celestial ones continue with their record of triumphs to zero. The alarms sound.


Thiago Galhardo (45 ', Franco Cervi), Nolito (45 ', Denis Suárez), Santiago Arzamendia (55 ', Lozano), Fran Beltran (64 ', Augusto Solari), Alex Fernandez (71 ', Álvaro Bastida), Milutin Osmajic (71 ', Rubén Sobrino), Jens jonsson (71 ', Fali), Negredo (82 ', Salvi)


0-1, 37 ': Lush, 0-2, 42 ': Luis Espino, 1-2, 63 ': Santi Mina


Referee: Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Ruben Nephew (45 ', Yellow) Thiago Galhardo (47 ', Yellow) Varazdat Haroyan (51 ', Yellow) Tomás Alarcón (60 ', Yellow) Renato Tapia (73 ', Yellow) Brais (88 ', Yellow