Radamel Falcao (Santa Marta, Magdalena, February 10, 1986) sat in the press room with the same smile with which minutes before he had stepped onto the pitch in front of his new fans, totally devoted to the striker. Joy was breathed in the stands and expectation among the media, who telematically, were able to press the impressions of the Colombian international in these first days as a Rayo player. 'El tigre' spoke about the sports issues related to his signing and also left touches of his most personal side. And, although Vallecas has no idols, Falcao has awakened the illusion among the fans of always and those new devotees of a Strip more international than ever.

Lightning Shield / Flag

– Is it an opportunity to reach the World Cup in Qatar?

—My goal is to be with the Colombian national team. I want to do my best. This is a square that I know and the family will be at ease. I closed in on many aspects. I find myself with desire and ambition. The staff is supportive, hungry and ambitious. I hope this year is good for everyone. It excites me.

—Is LaLiga current very different from the one you left in 2013?

—Football has evolved a lot and this League has too. It is more physical obviously. Today there is not so much difference between the greats and the others. The distances are getting shorter and I hope we can meet the club's goals.

“How is he physically?”

“I feel fine.” I focused more on the physical this time and took advantage of the last months to work on that aspect. Now I need continuity, add minutes and with that I'm sure I'm going to be fine.

“Now the goal is permanence.”

—I know very well what the goal of the institution is. I am surprised by the technical and human quality of the squad. There are fantastic players. We all want to win and the same goal. Perhaps we can dream beyond permanence.

“What does Iraola expect of you?” And what can fans expect?

—We forwards are here to score goals and I hope to be able to give the club a lot. Beyond that, the passion with which I face this profession leads me to Rayo because I am convinced of the potential of the club, of what I want in my career and taking into account the objectives with the national team. That's what people can expect from me.

“Why did you leave the Garatasaray?”

—I left great friends there, I remember them fondly and I will support them in the distance. A pity that things did not happen and our paths had to separate. They know they have one more fan at a distance.

—How do you see LaLiga and dream of something else with Rayo?

—It's a League where the greats are great, but there is no difference from previous seasons and everything is more even physically and tactically. My reading in the first training sessions is that there is talent and hunger, that is the way to reach the goals. The first is to keep us. Then dream. You have to go game by game. The first few days we were able to have more luck in terms of points, but we have to keep fighting to find the path of victories that give us peace of mind.