Castro offers peace to Del Nido “for the good of Sevilla”

The president of Sevilla, José Castro, has extended his hand to his predecessor, José María del Nido, in his idea of ​​calling an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders with the intention of unseating him as head of the board of directors. Del Nido, associated with the foreign investment group that owns 6.25% of the capital stock, has unearthed the hatchet with the idea of ​​regaining control of an entity that is precisely now experiencing a sweet moment with the conquest in August of the sixth Europa League and about to contest another European title against Bayern Munich.

“What I would like is for us to have good sense. The entity is at the top, we are a reference at a European level and at a global level for doing things well. We are in a final of the European Super Cup, we have just achieved our first goal, which is to be in the Champions League, we have just won a new title, with how difficult that is, as someone I know would say. And I reiterate that what has to be is sanity among the sevillistas. And I extend my hand to all Sevilla fans, also José María del Nido Benavente, because he is a Sevilla player. I insist that it is what it touches, because among all the Sevilla players we have to look for the best for the entity ”, said Castro on this matter in the official presentation of Marcos Acuña as a new Sevilla player.

The Utreran leader added that this is what his “responsibility as president demands of him. In any case, our project is a winning project, which is being demonstrated with the results and we are sure that with the support of all Sevilla fans we will move the Board forward. Proof that this project is a winner is that who I have here on my left, Monchi, when he came here not only came to come to his house. He is very demanding, he is the best in his position and we had several meetings to see the project to see if he could be part of it ”.

“Because of my way of being and because of my position as president of Sevilla, I can never agree with the noise of sabers or with statements that do not help. I have to find solutions and seek the minimum confrontations necessary for the good of the entity. I respect all opinions, but my obligation is to find solutions ”, he added.