Victoria Federica confesses in her first interview: “I do therapy because sometimes I feel caged”

No more posing, wearing a dress, smiling and keeping quiet.. Finally, the niece of Felipe VI Victoria Federica At 23 years old, he has given his first recorded interview to openly tell who he is, what his concerns or fears are, to talk about his family or love and share his most intimate and personal side beyond what had been outlined until now. her through headlines. She and she did it in a relaxed way, dressed in jeans and a striped blouse and sitting barefoot on an armchair in front of Vicky Martin Berrocalfor your podcast Alone with…which has inaugurated its third season.

Without a doubt, the trust between the two, since they have known each other for years through Alba Díaz, with whom she shared university, has helped the influencer finally start speaking to break with the image that until now had been given. her in the media. “There are many people who think that I am very forward-thinking.”, but in reality it’s not that at all, because I’m the shyest aunt in the world, I’m super shy, it’s really hard for me to open up to people,” said the King’s niece before confessing that with the people you love it’s also “super affectionate.” “I love hugs. “When I hug, I give peace,” she said at the beginning of her talk, where she acknowledged that it is difficult for her to open up in her daily life and she distrusts people who approach her because they only seek “interest.” “.

Legal, transparent and shy: “Sometimes I deprive myself of doing things”

About herself she has stated that she sees herself as “a young girl who wants to take on the world, who wants to do things with her family, with her friends, she wants to take on life”. She does not consider the surnames that accompany her a burden, and when the designer asked her about the other things she has inherited along with her title, her namesake Vic answered: “More than a title, I inherit the values ​​that my family has given me.” , my grandparents, my parents, my cousins, my uncles, because from everyone, whoever it is, I learn something good, I learn values. When they come together we all learn from each other. More than a title, I get respect, my. education”, she stated before remarking: “I don’t feel like it’s a burden, I’m super happy with the family I was born into, I feel super lucky, for me they are my home, they are my house, they are the best. The truth is that I wouldn’t change them for the world.”

However, he did confess that it is normal to always be in the spotlight: “Sometimes I deprive myself of doing things, of going places. And if I go to dinner I am more aware of what is happening around me than of our conversation. Because I feel like there is someone. “I feel uncomfortable,” she admitted before stating hurt: “There are times when I feel caged.” There are many headlines that are not true, many that are invented and those are the ones that really affect me.” To fight against this, he confessed that he goes to the psychologist, whom he almost considers a friend: “I do therapy, although It’s not something I wear constantly, but I love it. It is not therapy as such, I feel like I am talking to a friend, and with her I recharge my batteries. “I don’t do it often, maybe I should do it more,” she said.

His mother, an example: “I want to be like her”

Demanding of herself, Vic drew herself through her words as a person “legal and loyal, very truthful and very transparent. I don’t like lies at all”. Regarding his day-to-day life, he explained that he still lives with his mother, with whom he has an extraordinary relationship. “We are very friends and we have very good moments. For me the best is when we ride horses.” Furthermore, of Infanta Elena he said: “My mother is an example of everything: she is what I want to be when I grow up, I want to be like her. I am taking little things and instilling them in me. Little by little I try to have his things in me.” Likewise, he also had wonderful words about his father: “I also have a lot of values ​​from my father, he instills a lot of fashion in me and that’s why I like it so much. And I love going with him to all the parades, holding hands together and having him teach me. Every time I go to a parade with him I learn something,” she said.

Froilán, his vitamin person: “He protects me”

Of course, Vic also had affectionate words for his brother, Froilán, whom he defined as a “vitamin” person: “He’s my best friend. When I’m with him I forget everything and say: ‘I’m going to enjoy him.’ It makes my day, if I’m having a bad day I get upset.” Now that he’s away, she says, she misses him a lot, although they still keep in touch almost daily: “When we talk on the phone we sometimes stay for hours. And if we’re only there for five minutes, the ‘hello, are you okay?’ It’s already a vitamin for me. I also feel him like my shield, like he protects me, I feel protected by him.”

The influencer, who affirms that being herself “is already a gesture of courage”, has acknowledged before the microphones that she is a woman of faith. “I have it super instilled in me by both my family and some of my friends. I believe in God, I go to mass as much as I can – maybe not as much as I would like, I should go more. “It’s absolute peace,” said Victoria, who acknowledged that the biggest fear of her life is losing a loved one.

Without hesitation either when talking about love, Felipe Vi’s niece revealed that she had had two boyfriends, as she says that she is not one of those who fall in love easily, since it is very difficult for her to trust people. “But I do believe in love for life,” declared the 23-year-old, who She believes that for her, success is not “achieving more or having more money, but being good with myself, doing the work I do well… doing everything I set my mind to doing well.”

His time in ‘El Desafío’

Finally, he also spoke about the first television adventure he has embarked on, The challenge, where we can also learn more about it. According to him, it is being a “very hard” experience, but also very rewarding: “I literally take a family from there, not only because of the people who work on the program but because of all the contestants. I have Alba’s father, Manuel, and the truth is that it is very funny because he is one of the people with whom I have the greatest affinity. He is like my father in there. He is always super attentive to me.” Furthermore, he took advantage of the interview to deny some information that had been published about his participation in the Antena 3 format: “There were people or sources who said that I was having a hard time and I wasn’t enjoying it, but I’m taking it super seriously, I’m crying a lot, but because it excites me and I tend to cry easily. And if a colleague of mine achieves something that was costing him a lot, I start crying. Then I cry for things that had never happened to me, out of helplessness, out of happiness. I’m enjoying”.

As a final summary, Victoria Federica explained the reason for the interview she gave: “I hope people stay with me because of what I say, for how I am, for what I show, for how they show me or for how they talk about me. “It’s my first time speaking and I wanted people to see what I’m like.”