The COE and the OT finalists present ‘La Gravidad’, the song of the Spanish team for the Olympic Games


The finalists of the last edition of Operación Triunfo, Juanjo, Lucas, Paul Thin, Martin, Ruslana and Naiara, presented this Tuesday at the Goyeneche Auditorium at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) the song ‘La Gravidad’, the song composed by them during the ‘talent show’ and which will accompany the Spanish Olympic team at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

‘La Gravity’, which arises as an initiative of the Olympic entity, which was joined by Santander SMusic and Universal, seeks to capture “the determination, passion and fighting spirit that characterizes the athletes who will represent Spain” and hopes to transmit “a message of unity, strength and hope.”

At the event, the singers performed the song that will accompany the Spanish delegation in Paris. “Watching the Olympic Games with my family every four years and now being, in some way, there with the athletes, is something very nice. We are very happy to accompany them,” said one of the interpreters, Paul Thin.

For his part, Juanjo confessed that this opportunity is “another of the gifts” that Operación Triunfo has given them. “Supporting all Spanish athletes, who are an example to follow for their struggle, improvement and challenges that they end up achieving, is a dream come true,” he said.

Naiara, winner of this edition, noted that this project is “a unique and exciting experience.” “I doubt I can repeat it in my life,” she noted. “Participating in the COE video clip has been a very different and fun experience. We have met very good athletes and we have been able to see how music and sport combine. I feel proud and happy to have been part of this project,” Martin added.

Meanwhile, Ruslana explained that it has been “a huge experience.” “Through music we have been able to transmit the spirit of a team,” she said. “Participating in this song is something very special. In my country, Uruguay, we are very fond of sports and I have followed the Olympic Games all my life. And participating now in this song supporting Spain, a country that opened its doors to me, is a pride,” Lucas said.

The president of the COE, Alejandro Blanco, was pleased to be able to “unite music, which gives the strength to strive every day, with sport.” “Music and sports, two activities that can change the world because they change people,” he said.

“Athletes and singers make a perfect symbiosis. You are united by dreams, projects, illusions and the strength you have to get up, to face life every day. You have found something to cling to and that makes you live the life of a differently. We face the Games with sport and music. Two universal languages ​​that inspire us, lift us up and drive us,” he continued.

Also present at the event was the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who assured that “all of Spain is going to feel ‘La Gravidad’ as its own. We are going to vibrate with it as your fans vibrate with you when you are on stage,” he stressed.

In addition, Uribes pointed out that “being number one is very difficult.” “In music, in sports or in any field. That is why the path and how we travel it is so important. The values ​​that are acquired. It is always better to look for what unites us. And we are united by a common dream, to represent with pride to Spain and play a great role in the Olympic Games,” he added.

“You have a common denominator, which is the group, the team. Also in Spanish sport our strength is unity. We want to demonstrate once again that Spanish sport is a story of success, but also of shared feeling. I wish you the best for the intense tour of Spain this summer and also for the future,” he wished the singers.

‘La Gravidad’ has been produced by DJ Nano and Juan Figols and the video clip was recorded in the facilities of the High Performance Center at the Higher Sports Council. This Wednesday, the song will be available on all digital platforms.