Surprising encounters that our celebrities sometimes give us. bethlehem esteban He has boasted of the affection he has for Pablo Alboran on their social networks. The two have coincided and have melted in a heartfelt embrace. “Without more… I love you very much”, the princess of the town has written on the night of this Wednesday.

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In just twenty minutes, at the time of writing these lines, the photograph of the collaborator of Telecinco and the singer from Malaga now totals almost 7,000 likes On Instagram. “I want to be Belén”, “The best”, “I explode with love”, “How can you not want it. The best” or “What a beautiful photo”, some users have written.

The Mediaset star and the composer of Only you they have exchanged various posts in recent years. Belén, who has already returned to work after her vacation with her Migue in California, sent him some bottles of gazpacho and salmorejo in 2021. “Dear Pablo, I am very excited to tell you that I have set up my own company. I am sending you salmorejo and gazpacho from my brand. Hope you like it.”

He replied: “Thank you, Belén. This is not going to the stomach. It goes straight to the heart.” Among the collaborators of Save me that Pablo also has in his heart, there is also the disappeared Mila Ximenezwho was a great admirer of the artist’s music and work.