Vargas Llosa and his ex-wife, Patricia, having dinner in Madrid before their next date in Paris

Vargas Llosa celebrates a very special day next February 9, because in Paris he will become the first Latino writer to enter the French Academy. In this event he will be supported by King Juan Carlos, by his children, Alvaro, Gonzalo y Morganaand also by his ex-wife, Patricia Llosawith whom he is approaching positions after breaking up with Isabella Preysler.

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So much so that this week the two have shared a dinner in Madrid, in one of the author’s favorite restaurants, an Italian one he goes to with some frequency. In it’s already noon They have stressed this Wednesday that the evening was romantic, although Morgana and one of the writer’s granddaughters and his ex were also present. The truth is that they spend more and more time together.

The approach, moreover, is not from now. It must be remembered that after the breakup of the intellectual and the queen of hearts, announced by the socialite on December 28, Álvaro Vargas Llosa published on Twitter that his parents were together in September, at an event held in Peru. A declaration of intentions? Be that as it may, the rumors of a possible reconciliation are accentuated.

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The author of The city and the Dogs and the mother of his three children ended like the rosary of dawn in 2015, when the Nobel Prize winner left his wife for the mother of Tamara Falcó, recently widowed by the former minister at the time. Miguel Boyer. Finally, Mario and Patricia signed their divorce in 2016 and it did not become valid in Peru until two years later.